About Us


BlueCollar Bowhunter was started in 2003 by a few guys with a passion for the outdoors.

The team is addicted to the pursuit of game with their bows.

Since 2005, they have captured adventures on film with great success.

The initial launch of episodes was released and well received in 2009 with a single DVD of the greatest outdoor bowhunting adventures ever captured on film.

Since 2009, the crew members have worked in the filming industry with several shows airing on television as producers, editors, co-host and more.

When not filming, producing, and editing, the crew has been guiding hunters and fisherman on adventures for many many years.

After years of experience in working in the outdoor industry and the television industry,

BlueCollar Bowhunter is excited to launch as an independent program in the fall of 2016 with BlueCollar Bowhunter TV.

Please be sure to tune in as we share our passion for outdoors and capture the essence of the great outdoors with you.


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